Stills from newest video works.
Clip taken from Piranha 3D and blending fruit. 

A quick shot of new works to be completed.
Still needs some display tweaking I hope to sort by tomorrow

Video installation.

Artist Statement.

Recently I have found myself turning to films for enjoyment and a form of escapism. In doing this I have developed a great appreciation for the intricate construction that is the creation of film. I found a particular interest in the timeline and structure. I have considered the chronology in which films are made in comparison to the careful construction of its timeline in post-production. Considering this I went on to attempt a crossover between art and popular culture by re-inventing aspects of pre-existing popular films and placing them in artistic context.

 It is the norm to watch film and not question the sequences of images flashing in front of us. By slowing down and singling out an underrated shot I am attempting to highlight the beauty of its construction and give it a greater impact than it has in the context of the rest of the film. The shots become easier to analyse choreographically and offer the opportunity to see details that could be missed in full speed. The films I tend to use are cult classics, which is purely down to my own preference, though I do like the idea of the film extracts at times being recognised from the films I extracted them from. The shot I manipulate is often taken from a climatic part of the film, for example the Mexican standoff in Reservoir Dogs.

Having previously worked predominantly in the medium of photography I have always considered the framing of images important in my work. I feel as though I have expanded on this with my current work by using framing and camera angles as a basis to follow when considering display. By using projections I am opening up further possibilities for display that are limited on flat television monitors. The light is more versatile and creates the opportunity to bend and distort the image. The manipulation of display is a crucial element to my work as it pushes the work beyond a simple video piece to something more sculptural. This along with the eerie distorted sound that happens naturally as you slow down film also opens opportunity to display the work as an installation piece.

Video display outdoors on steps.

Outdoor video display.

Display of work at Sofar Sounds gig Bristol.

Another shot of display for exhibition crit.

Another shot of display for exhibition crit.